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Clinical Trial Insurance: Finally for Polish Patients?

As you already know from my post “New Polish Law on Clinical Trials: easier to  win damages?”,   Polish  Ministry of Health (MoH) supported by the group of experts, prepared a draft of new law on clinical trials: the Act  Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products Used in Humans  (AoCTMPUH). In the previous entry, I wondered why this new law was drafted and whether the person who agreed to participate in a clinical trial of a new drug could expect easier way to win  damages from either the pharmaceutical company or a doctor leading the research project.   However,  this  facilitation in awarding  damages for patients’ injury or damage is not the only novelty introduced in the draft of AoCTMPUH because MoH also plans to revolutionize the  in the principles of insuring the risk associated with a participation in clinical trials.   So clinical trial insurance – should us, patients,  expect any  changes for the better?





clinical trial insurance finally for patients in Poland?









Clinical trial insurance  in Poland: who is insured and against what exactly  at the moment ?




As I have already written,  there is none insurance for patients testing  new drugs in clinical trials in Poland at the moment.  

This means that, as a participant in such a study, you are not insured against the risks associated with your participating in such a project.

For the time being only the civil liability of the pharmaceutical company and the  leading doctor’s (investigator) of the study is  insured. Of course,  I talk here about the liability for injuries and damage  based on the  fault rule.

Most importantly, the amount of this insurance varies  from 500,000  up to maximum  5 million Euros depending on how many patients participate in the study. 

Of course, these numbers are impressive, but as I wrote in the previous post: under the applicable laws, it will be very difficult for you to prove that your damage or injury was caused in connection with your participation in a clinical trial  of a new drug and due to the fault of the pharmaceutical company and/or the investigator. And that means that in practice you can say goodbye to any  compensation from this  liability insurance.




new rule of clinical trial insurance - a rescue for Polish patients?





AoCTMPUH  is to change that.  But if you think that as a patient, you will be protected by some sort of risk  insurance associated with  your participation in a clinical trial, then  you are wrong.

Polish MoH proposed Two Pillars of insurance covering  the liability for damage and/or injury suffered in connection with the participation in  a study of a new drug.






two pillars of clinical trial insurance








New clinical trial insurance – Two Pillars






The First Pillar would be a type of a Guarantee Fund and will cover only the pharmaceutical company’s  liability for damage and/or  injury done to patients participating in a study under this new type of liability for patients’ damage and/or injury based on the risk rule . There is to be a special committee created to decide on whether any compensation from the Guarantee Fund will be paid to a patient.   

Since the AoCTMPUH draft has not been made public yet, I have no idea who would be seating at those  committees and how specifically they would work.  

I may only assume that this Guarantee Fund  will be funded either by a company conducting a specific clinical trial for this very trial or it is going to be some sort of a general clinical trial related Guarantee Fund funded by all pharmaceutical companies  conducting clinical trials of new drugs in Poland.

 We shall see when the AoCTMPUH draft  is disclosed, and this must take place, because the legislative process has  still to be transparent and public  in Poland.

The Second Pillar would already be a classic civil liability insurance for a  pharmaceutical company and an investigator  conducting the study of the new drug.  And here the liability insured is of course the liability  based on the rule of fault.

How would  this be regulated in the details in this new law, and especially how  this mixed liability  of the pharmaceutical company: a little bit based on the fault rule  and a little bit based on the risk rule is regulated and insured ?

Here’s the question. I shall gladly learn the details as this  design is very exotic to me.

How this new law going to look like when it leaves Polish parliament and what will  be its impact on clinical trials, this is even a bigger question.

We will just need to wait and see.

Best regards, Prawstoria


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