About me



 I’m glad you’ve come to see me.

 It’s always nice when someone smart visits you.

For the time being I am hiding  behind a nickname, but it’s probably because of my  inborn aversion to online exhibitionism.

However as no-one is truly anonymous in the era of internet,  so I suspect that sooner or later  I will stop hiding.

I am  that  type of person who always wants something more. I’m betting on quality, critical thinking and sense of humor. I don’t take shortcuts unless I have to, which is why I have made a lot of unpopular and „not the best” choices in my life when it comes to making it easier.

 For example, I a former  historian  who out of the blue  started also legal studies at some point. Then, instead of enjoying peace and quiet, I decided  to become an attorney-at-law so I bravely went through the Bar training (I keep asking myself why ?).

However it gets worse. I have decided to start blogging. As a complete technological illiterate. To my sheer surprise the technical aspects of running a blog  turned out to be so interesting to me that I developed a  serious interest in IT law and new technologies in general.

In the real world I work in a very innovative industry (no, not IT  – at least not yet :)) and I’m not dealing only with the law because I would be bored to death.  

The Polish part of this little blog started a year ago and  now it is time for a new experiment: building up its English version. I am  very curious  if I’m able to make it and where it gets me.

One last thing: due to the fact where I was born and  live my posts represent Polish and  Central European perspective on legal and non-legal matters.

Is it  going to be interesting for you as a reader?

We shall see.

 Have a look at the posts and even comment if you wish, but above all drink  a cup coffee (unless you prefer tea or something stronger – do what you want as long as it is reasonable, of course 😉).

 Have a nice day and a wonderful rest of your life,

Warm regards, Prawstoria


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